Why use 123 Fertilizer

It is safe for your kids and pets. It reclaims our environment and builds soil fertility. Read More..


What does 123 fertilizer do

It supplies nearly every nutrient your plants need to flourish.
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What does 123 fertilizer contain

The three macro nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N,P,K) Read More..

In what form is 123 fertilizer sold

It is available in a powder or pellet form.
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Welcome to 123 Fertilizer

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Biomax Rapid thermophilic Digestion Technology

Our commitment is to be one of the leading organic fertilizer suppliers in Asia by 2020. 123 Fertilizer Sdn Bhd offers premium-grade 100% organic fertilizer with high NPK value for professional use in the vegetable farming, resorts, fruits, crops, golf course, sport turf, lawn, landscape nursery, oil palm, rubber trees, forestry and land reclamation markets.


Who uses 123 fertilizer?

Vegetable farms
Rubber plantation
Oil palm plantation
Golf Courses
Specialty flowers/herbs growers